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During my time at California State University, Chico, I have been actively involved in the community to help students excel in their art studies. As the Vice President for the Interior Architecture Club, I have organized and managed events to help students learn more about interior architecture and design. I also volunteered to teach art classes to children with autism and helped them explore their creative side. In addition, I served as the Director of Merchandise for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority which allowed me to develop my leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills, and collaborate with a diverse group of individuals. My involvement in the community has allowed me to gain experience working with people from different backgrounds and hone my skills as a leader and educator.

Art for Autism

Spring 2023

In my last year at California State University, Chico, I was privileged to have the opportunity to assist art lessons to children diagnosed with autism. It was a truly rewarding experience as I was able to witness the children’s enthusiasm and creativity as they explored different art forms. Through this experience, I realized the importance of creating an inclusive environment where everyone is respected and can thrive. By providing structured and creative activities, we helped children with autism develop their artistic skills while also teaching them important social and communication skills. Art instruction for kids with autism helped gain their self-confidence and have a sense of accomplishment as they create something tangible that they can be proud of.


Interior Architecture Club -
Vice President 

2022 - 2023

As the Vice President for Interior Architecture Club at CSU, Chico from the year 2022 to 2023, I had the opportunity to collaborate with club members to help students in our program reach their goals, but also provided them with a sense of purpose and direction. Our club was dedicated to exploring interior architecture through hands-on activities, workshops, lectures, and field trips. In my role as Vice President, I worked hard to ensure that our club ran smoothly and that all of our members were able to participate in activities. I worked closely with other members of the executive board to create a positive and productive atmosphere for our club. Through collaboration we were able to develop projects that focused on sustainability, design innovation, and creative problem solving. It was an incredible experience working with such talented people who shared a passion for interior architecture.


Alpha Delta Pi Sorority - Director of Merchandise

2021 - 2022

As Director of Merchandise for Alpha Delta Pi, I led the design and production of custom apparel for a community of over 120 members. Drawing on my creativity and attention to detail, I carefully selected materials, colors, and trendy styles to craft merchandise that accurately reflected the group's identity and values. In order to stay within budget, I worked closely with manufacturing companies and building strong relationships to create quality products while staying within budget to ensure a successful outcome. This experience allowed me to not only develop my design and production skills, but also hone my ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with others.

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